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iHELPS aims to help large electrical energy consumers understand their energy usage patterns, achieve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Based in the Cloud,  the application combines traditional SCADA technology with the web-based services. You can monitor and control virtually anything from anywhere via a simple browser.


We deliver real-time data and processed information directly to decision makers via the web. With it’s user-friendly interface, anyone can use it.​

iHelps is connected to TNB meter(s)

iHELPS read directly from the meter the following parameters:

• Energy (kWh)

• Power (kW)

Unlike conventional monitoring systems, you can access data from anywhere and have instant web based reports with Current and past Bills details.





iHELPS+ is an extension of the iHelps foundation brick.

It allows you to connect your own sub-meters reading to the system in order to understand Energy consumption pattern inside the building and compare against the main energy meter.

iHelps+ can be connected to any sub-meter

iHELPS+ read directly from the sub-meters the following parameters:

• Voltage

• Current

• Energy (kWh)

• Power (kW)

• Reactive Power

• Apparent Power

• Power Factor

The prudent use of iHELPS derived information allowed for the reduction in Max. Demand (MD) by as much as 3% for a 10 MW consumer.


This resulted in a 

RM9,000 monthly reduction in the MD portion of the monthly electrical utility bill.


from the same monthly electrical utility bill. additionally reduced RM1,500Another source of savings (again using iHEPS) came from a shift from peak to off-peak consumption. Overall KWh consumption savings through this peak to off-peak shift



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