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Melbourne University - 17.1% Savings

Powerstar is a MyHijau-certified voltage optimisation system with a proven track record

What is Voltage Optimisation?

Malaysia has inherited its Grid design from the UK, where Voltage Optimisation has been used for decades.

Voltage Optimisation (VO) is a technique to remove the Overvoltage

from the Grid to be close to the normal voltage: 220/380V.

The Excess Voltage removed is turned into kWh and MD Savings.



Voltage Optimisation is an established technique with Immediate, Guaranteed and Verified Savings.

With More than 10000 installations in 15 countries, PowerStar is the market leader.

Powerstar Unique Patent

PowerStar is a true Voltage Optimisation System that uses a Three Windings unique design.


The third Winding substracts the Overvoltage and creates a Negative Voltage Feedback.


The overall power consumption is reduced because the negative power is induced as feedback power to the source”

The University of Warwick,

‘Simulation Study for a Transformer Based Voltage Regulator’, 2011

Leader Energy Saving Malaysia

Powerstar is the market leader

With Powerstar, your Savings are Guaranteed!

based on the Minimum Savings Guarantee

Typical Installation

How do we work?

No Investment Solution

We can arrange for financing of your POWERSTAR system.
Savings are higher than your monthly repayment, you increase your profit and cash flow immediately.

Guaranteed Savings by contract
Savings are 100% Guaranteed by POWERSTAR UK upon full site Survey Completion.

We conduct a full site survey on your premises and collect the information required by POWERSTAR UK to issue the Guaranteed Savings proposal.

The Savings Verification process is as follows:

1. Electricity bills

2. Amperes Measurement


3. PowerStar internal Excel reports


4. Independent Measurement via IPMVP Protocol


References and Testimonials



"Voltage Optimisation is a highly effective solution to gaining Energy Efficiency"
Recommended as the best solution in kWh reduction for the whole building.
Even with installed VSD and latest BMS Automation Controls, you can enjoy additional savings of up to 15% with Voltage Optimisation
npowerPowerStar is an approved Voltage Optimisation Supplier in the UK